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Producing Quality Textile Products, premium quality fabric, latest designs and excellent weaving and processing units are the core reasons of our success.


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Shahzad Siddique Pvt Ltd. is unique in its size and scale in comparison to other companies considering its multidimensional approach. Combining technology with its age old commitment to quality, gives S.S an unparalleled competitive edge.

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Playing a pivotal role in the private sector, Shahzad Siddique (Pvt) Ltd. in terms of sales and assets ranks among the top thirty business houses of Pakistan. Since its inception in 1980 the group has grown from a weaving unit into a premier business group comprises of Weaving, Finishing and Textile Home Furnishing & Fashions. 

The unit, growing consistently through the latter half of the nineties, entered year 2000 with the fresh spirit of mechanical and dynamic scientific trend along with the 3000 + dedicated employees. Today we rightfully lay a claim on becoming a diversified facility for our valued customers. 

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Shahzad Siddiqui Pvt Ltd. is producing one of the finest quality textile products.

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It's been a pleasure working with Shahzad Siddique Pvt Ltd. Their products are outstanding in quality, fabric and stitching both are outclass
Julia Keys
I have been working with Shahzad Siddiq Pvt Ltd. since last few years, everything is outclass as you know, either it's fabric, design, quality . Highly appreciated
Richard Durgan
I imported bedding equipment from Shahzad Siddiq Pvt Ltd. It was a wonderful experience, products are far better than we expected, A really amazing expericens
Pete Anderson
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